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    G20 turns upside down – Silent on Ukraine invasion

    World leaders have refrained from condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the G20 summit currently being held in New Delhi, India.

    The fact that nothing favorable to Ukraine was mentioned in the consensus announced at the beginning of this conference, which is being held with the participation of many leaders of the world’s 20 most powerful countries, managed to attract global attention.

    In this convention, the only reference to the Ukrainian wars was that no state should use force to occupy territory.

    Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, representing India, who holds the G20 presidency, announced that the statement of the heads of state was adopted on the first day of the summit.

    However, the agreement came at a time when the heads of the states were deeply divided over Russian aggression. There, one party requested to pay more attention to the extent of the Russian aggression, while the other party requested to pay more attention to the wide economic challenges that exist at the moment.

    Regarding the convention, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said, “There is nothing to be proud of in this statement,” adding that the Ukrainian presence is likely to give participants a better understanding of the situation.

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    1. All praise be to HH.King Abdullah of Morocco. His speech on FAITH. Was fantastic, it hit the head of Mody, India G 20 chair in particular and Russia too and the rest in general . My democratic opinion.

    2. All praise be to HH. King Abdullah speech
      He touched on FAITH , that is nnecessary
      Required among neighbours, inter country n inner country. To prevent suspicion , aggression and and maintain friendship among global community. At least his open headedness n brevity was admirable.

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