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    Biden fell again – Will not be able to become President again!

    US President Joe Biden tripped and fell on the stage during the graduation ceremony of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, USA.

    After falling on the stage, the President was picked up by the nearby military personnel and the President’s security personnel who immediately came into action.

    The White House states that Biden, who is currently 80 years old, the oldest president of the United States, did not suffer any injuries after falling on the stage.

    At this graduation ceremony, 912 cadets who completed training at the Air Force Academy received their certificates and the President congratulated all of them by shaking hands. The President had to stay there standing for almost an hour and a half.

    Regarding the incident, White House press director Ben LaBolt said in a Twitter post that there was a sandbag on the stage while graduates shaking hands with President Biden.

    However, after the incident, the President, who came to the White House, made fun of the incident with a smiling face to the journalists.

    After this incident, the health of the President of the United States of America is once again under great attention. He had fallen before and on several other occasions, he lost his balance.

    However, President Biden was able to spot moments where he had trouble pronouncing the words correctly, while constantly missing the rest of his speech.

    Accordingly, political commentators point out that President Biden is unfit to run for his second term.

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