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    Only 9 doctors are left to operate on heart patients with a death rate of 120-150 per day

    Mr. Namal Gamage, a surgeon specializing in heart and thoracic cavities, says that 120-150 or more people die every day in Sri Lanka due to heart diseases, but by the end of this year, only nine doctors will be left in Sri Lanka for heart surgery.

    Dr. Namal Gamage has revealed this recently while commenting on an article written by journalist Nimal Algewatta regarding a heart surgery performed at the Galle Cooperative Hospital.

    Mr. Namal Gamage, a surgeon specializing in heart and thoracic cavities, also said.

    I have done about 20,000 heart surgeries so far. I have done about 16,000 open heart surgeries. We also successfully performed this young monk’s mother’s heart surgery at the Galle Cooperative Hospital. She is living well. We are happy about that.

    In Sri Lanka and in the world, about 2% die during or after heart surgery. This is the global trend. During the Corona period, the number of people who died from heart surgery increased to 6 % in Sri Lanka.

    At present, out of the daily deaths in Sri Lanka, more than 120 or 150 deaths are due to heart diseases. This is the main cause of natural deaths. This may increase today. This is due to the shortage of herbs, medical equipment and other factors. It may be more than this.

    I have performed 16,000 open heart surgeries in hospitals across the country. We have taken steps to perform heart surgery outside Colombo. I faced obstacles from various sectors to take heart surgery outside of Colombo. Some doctors, sometimes from various other parties, etc. came up with various questions.

    Heart surgeries limited to Colombo were performed at Galle Karapitiya Hospital. Various obstacles came. Opinions came. After enduring all that, I performed the surgery. I didn’t care. But successful surgery has been done. I am still learning and understanding about heart surgery. So far, the heart surgery outside Colombo has been successfully performed.

    There is a question about the retirement age of doctors. Some doctors are leaving the country. Sri Lanka needs 27 doctors to perform heart surgery in this environment. However, there are currently 18 doctors performing heart surgery in Sri Lanka. Nine (09) of these are retiring soon. That means this year. Accordingly, by the end of this year, there will be only nine (09) cardiac surgeons left in Sri Lanka.

    This is the current situation of cardiac surgeons in Sri Lanka. Heart surgery takes about three and a half hours. It is decided according to the operation, assistant doctors, anesthesiologists and other people are needed for this. A heart surgery usually requires about 25 people. Dr. Namal Gamage also said that he will retire next year.

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    1. Doctors are migrating due to the economic crisis. Govt needs to act swiftly to retain them as health crisis will spell disaster

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