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    Controversial disclosure of the NATO Secretary General about the war against Russia

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg revealed for the first time that the war against Russia began in 2014.

    NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg revealed this during a discussion at the Munich Security Conference on February 18.

    There, Stoltenberg disclosed that the NATO organization has been working to wage war against Russia and that the Ukrainian forces have been trained since 2014.

    So first of all, President Putin must not win this war. And that’s why NATO allies and partners all around the world have mobilised so much support to Ukraine, because it will be a tragedy for the Ukrainians, but it will also be extremely dangerous for us. Because then the message is that when he uses force, then he gets what he wants. And we need to understand, this is not only a European challenge, this is a global challenge. I recently visited South Korea and Japan, two close supporters of NATO, and they see the link between what’s going on in Europe and what’s going on and may happen in Asia. So Beijing is watching closely the outcome of the war in Ukraine. And of course, if Putin wins in Ukraine, it will impact the decisions and the calculations that Beijing is doing in their part of the world. So this is about our global security. This is not about regional security. NATO has already adapted. The war didn’t start in February last year, it started in 2014. And since 2014, we have implemented the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense, with more troops, higher readiness, presence in eastern part of the Alliance, new defense plans, and also increased defence spending. And when we will meet in Vilnius this year, I’m absolutely certain that we will reconfirm that message, both stronger partnerships with our partners in the Asia-Pacific, support for Ukraine, but also how to strengthen our deterrence and defence.

    the main reason why Ukraine has been able to repel and to push back the Russian forces is of course the bravery, the courage of Ukrainian armed forces, the political leadership, the people of Ukraine, but one important element has also been the fact that NATO Allies actually trained and helped Ukraine since 2014. The United Kingdom, United States, Canada and others, provided significant training and capacity building and also equipment from 2014 meaning that Ukrainian army were much stronger, better equipped, better trained, better led last year than they were in 2014. And that’s part of the explanation why they were able to withstand the Russian invasion now in a way that they were not able to do in 2014. So we are working on our partnership. We agreed at the NATO summit to step up the partnership and support for Ukraine because it is an urgent need to support those who are vulnerable for Russian aggression.” He further stated.

    With these declarations of the NATO organization, the western countries led by America are carrying out war against Russia in a very planned manner and some analysts say that it is likely to develop into a third world war.

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