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    Is it impossible to carry out the election because a member of the Election Commission withdrew?

    Former Election Commissioner, and current Chairman of the National Delimitation Commission Mr. Mahinda Deshapriya says that in the background of the resignation of a member of the National Election Commission (NEC), this will not affect the activities of the local government elections planned to be held in the future.

    It was reported that Mrs. PSM Charles, who is one of the three members of the National Election Commission, submitted her resignation to President Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday afternoon.

    Due to the opinion of the society that the resignation of one member would make the work to be done by the Election Commission difficult and the resignation may delay the local government election, the chairman has made this explanation.

    The former Election Commissioner explained the legal background as follows.

    “Will the resignations will undermine Election Commission?; I noted in a previous post that the answer is ‘no’ and that the commission has three members to function. I have also published Article 104 of the Constitution as a comment on this question which is asked repeatedly by many people.”

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    1. Do we still trust the former elections commissioner and accept any opinions of his? What is the system change we believe in by following the same old crooks

    What do you think?

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