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    No Power cuts from today

    The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission says that the relevant parties have agreed to provide continuous electricity supply during the GCE Advanced level examination period from yesterday (25).

    The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka made a proposal to the Petroleum Corporation to provide the fuel required for the continuous supply of electricity during the period of the GCE A/L examination.

    The Public Utilities Commission advises the Electricity Board that priority should be given to the payment of the proposed electricity price revision to meet the necessary conditions to recover the costs incurred for that purpose.

    Accordingly, all the parties agreed to pay the relevant amount within 60 days.

    The Ministry of Power and Energy should intervene to provide the necessary coordination and facilities to implement this settlement.

    Accordingly, the commission says that they have agreed not to cut off the electricity from today until the end of the GCE A/L examination.

    At this time, this settlement will be included as a recommendation of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission, and the Sri Lanka Public Utilities Commission has agreed to implement the recommendation through an announcement.

    The advanced level exam will be held until the 17th.

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    1. See still they Cut the Elctricity at 4pm to 5pm today 26th jan.2023 so be careful what you Upload Blessed Brother Shan R.🙆‍♀️😰🙏🙋‍♀️❤

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