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    Protesters and police clash in southern China over Covid-19 travel restrictions

    It is reported that a group of residents of Guangzhou, the industrial capital of southern China, have had violent clashes with the Chinese police protesting against the travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

    According to this, foreign media reports reveal that the people are very angry about the strict travel restrictions imposed by China to combat the Coronavirus.

    According to a video circulating on social media, the angry people protested by breaking the barricade that had been blocked by the police and overturning the police vehicle. Along with this conflict, the Chinese police have taken steps to direct anti-riot police teams to the area where the conflicts took place.

    Since the beginning of the corona epidemic, the Chinese government had taken steps to follow a strict anti-coronavirus policy in Guangzhou, China. Also, in the report, a severe crisis situation has been created in the Haishu district, which is under stay-at-home orders.

    The area is home to many labourers who live in extreme poverty. They have continued to complain about food shortages and inflation created by travel restrictions, not being paid if they can’t come to work while living under the Covid control measures.

    Due to all these circumstances, the people have started protesting on the streets on Sunday night, where a small argument was created between the members of the security forces, who were wearing special protective clothing to get rid of the coronavirus, and then it developed into a fierce conflict.

    Meanwhile, according to some reports, there has been an allegation that the companies conducting PCR tests are engaged in increasing the number of infected people by providing false test reports to earn more money.

    Officials in Hebei Province also announced that the city of Shijiazhuang will stop large-scale PCR testing. Some parties also state that this may lead to speculation that the population will be used as laboratory rats to observe what would happen if the virus is allowed to spread unchecked.

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