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    The former president’s house was raided

    According to the report, a group of FBI officials raided the house of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

    Former President Trump has announced in a statement that a large group of FBI officials have come to his home in Florida and made a sudden raid and opened a safe there.

    The American media also reports that this raid is related to the accusations made regarding the former president’s possession of documents to be handed over to the government upon his retirement.

    However, the US Department of Justice has refused to give a statement to the media in this regard, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, the headquarters of the FBI in Washington has also refused to comment on this matter.

    The former president has said that the raid on his house is unnecessary and that he is cooperating with the relevant authorities.

    The Fox news service revealed that the former president was not staying at that house when the raid took place, but he was staying at Trump Tower owned by him which is in New York.

    According to US law, a warrant must be approved by a judge to raid a private residence, and such a raid must also be approved by the FBI director and the attorney general, according to Reuters.

    With the incident, Florida media reported that supporters of Trump have come near the respective house.

    The investigation was sparked primarily by archivist David Ferreiro’s claim that President Trump did not hand over top-secret information after he left office.

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