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    An official website to find out the fuel availability at filling stations

    The government has launched a new website to display the arrival times of fuel bowsers and available stockpiles at filling stations in their area for those who want to get fuel.

    It is a joint venture between the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA).

    Accessing the website from any computer or smartphone screen connected to the internet will enable you to check the fuel level at the nearest filling station.

    Information on fuel availability is provided by the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminal LTD (CPSTL) and will be released to this system daily at 9 a.m

    The time here is recorded in 24-hour clock format.

    When you look at fuel stocks here, the results are only available locations are stations with pumping capacity and stations where bowsers are sent.

    The Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminal (CPSTL) will update the system on details of fuel bowsers sent to filling stations and the quantity shipped islandwide.

    Thereafter, a gas station agent will update the system daily regarding inventory at that location.

    Accordingly, filling station reports will be updated in the system every half hour.

    This allows the public to find out if fuel is available by type of fuel, location, and gas station.

    In addition, a token-based system will be introduced in the near future, Ceypetco said.

    It is doubtful whether this site will be able to eliminate fuel queues altogether, but it can be assumed that the queues will decrease as the number of users increases.

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