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    Police are looking for Dilip Wedarachchi’s son and daughter-in-law who insulted the expressway police officers (📽️)

    Police are investigating to arrest the son and daughter-in-law of MP Dilip Wedaarachchi, who had verbally abused the officers of the Expressway Police Division at the Bedigama Interchange on the Southern Expressway.

    A senior police official said that the two were currently in hiding outside their residences.

    Dilip Wedaarachchi’s son and daughter-in-law had arrived at the Bedigama Interchange in a cab to enter the expressway last evening. A refrigerator was kept vertically in the back of the cab and there was no back door to the cab, a senior police official said.

    He further stated that the two had verbally abused the police officers after being told by the officers of the Expressway Police Division that they could not be allowed to carry the refrigerator as it was dangerous to carry it in the cab.

    At that moment a police officer had recorded everything on his mobile phone and informed the higher authorities. Senior officials have also advised not to allow cabs to enter the expressway in this manner. Accordingly, the two had turned the cab around.

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