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    Postal workers are on strike

    All postal workers are scheduled to engage in union action to report sick leave from midnight tonight (12).

    It was protesting against the non-hiring of employees.

    Mr. Chinthaka Bandara, the convenor of the United Postal Workers Trade Union, said that the postal department has become inoperative due to the lack of employees.

    Meanwhile, the trade union action initiated by the Road Development Authority’s Engineers’ Union based on several demands is still ongoing today on the 6th day.

    Its chairman Mr. Hemachandra Gunasinghe stated that the trade union action was initiated based on the non-approval of a recruitment procedure.

    He said that due to this, there is a risk of disruption of the rural road and bridge projects.

    Meanwhile, the trade union action started by the Government Surveyors Association continues today for the second day.

    Its chairman Mr. Duminda Undugoda mentioned that due to this, there will be obstacles in the program of giving inheritance deeds.

    Moreover, today is the 41st day of the continuous strike started by university non-academic employees.

    They are on strike protesting the 15% cut in the salary of non-academic employees and non-increase in monthly compensation for non-academic employees.

    Due to the strike, the activities of all universities and 17 higher education institutions have been disrupted.

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