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    Karapitiya Teaching Hospital becomes a National Hospital

    The government decides to group Karapitiya Teaching Hospital as a national hospital and name it as ‘Galle National Hospital’.

    In addition to Colombo National Hospital and Kandy National Hospital, Galle National Hospital will be established and the proposal presented by the Health Minister has been approved by the Cabinet.

    Karapitiya Teaching Hospital operates as the main health center providing tertiary services to patients in the Southern Province and adjacent provinces apart from maternity care services.

    Primary and secondary healthcare institutions in those provinces refer patients to this hospital for specialist services.

    The professor unit has been established at Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for the teaching activities of Ruhuna University’s Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences.

    Accordingly, this hospital provides teaching and training facilities to approximately 1,100 undergraduate medical students of Ruhuna University, approximately 500 nursing students of Galle Nursing Training School and approximately 100 physical therapists, pharmacists, and medical laboratory technicians.

    On increasing the hospital’s bed capacity to 2,858 by the end of this year, it will become the tertiary care health center second only to Sri Lanka National Hospital, Colombo.

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