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    Ready to allow import of vehicles – A change in the import system

    State Minister for Finance Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya says that the government’s attention has been focused on carrying out the import of vehicles in four stages.

    He said this while attending a discussion held at the Ministry of Finance today (08) with the Association of Vehicle Importers.

    He said that the vehicle importers are expected to provide him with a special report on the removal of vehicle import restrictions and the possible impact thereof.

    He also mentioned that it will include detailed information on the relaxation of import restrictions.

    Accordingly, the State Minister stated that this report prepared by experts in the import field will have a significant impact on the resumption of vehicle imports.

    The importers have pointed out that it is more practical to import all the vehicles under several categories instead of starting at once.

    It has been emphasized that it is more practical to permit the import of vehicles required for public transport, used vehicles, private vehicles etc. in stages.

    Also, the problematic situations that have arisen regarding the payment of taxes have also been discussed at length here.

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