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    126 mobile phones and 25 laptops seized by customs are missing

    The Katunayake Airport police have started a comprehensive investigation regarding the disappearance of 25 laptops and 126 mobile phones worth more than one crore rupees, which were seized by the Airport Customs from the possession of a businessman and a colleague who had come from Dubai and were about to leave Katunayake Airport through the green channel.

    A Deputy Customs Director of Airport Customs has complained about this to the police yesterday (06).

    The businessman and his companion, who came to this country from Dubai on March 22, had these phones and laptops. It is said that the two of them have stolen these goods while the businessman and his accomplice are in the custody of the customs till the legal proceedings take place. But the police say that the packages of these goods are in the customs warehouse and the customs officials are said to have known that only the packages are in the customs warehouse on the day before yesterday (06).

    The police say that it is problematic whether there is a possibility of stealing and running with such a large stock of phones and laptops in the custody of customs and for that they are conducting a security camera check. It is said that an internal investigation is currently being conducted by the customs and the relevant businessman has also been summoned for this.

    When such goods are caught, the businessmen who bring them pay customs duties or fines and release them, but it has been found in the preliminary investigation that the businessmen have not shown any interest in releasing these goods.

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