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    A good news about importation of vehicles

    President Ranil Wickramasinghe says that the import of private vehicles to Sri Lanka is expected to be carried out systematically from next year.

    The President made these remarks during his presence in a convivial gathering organized by the United Youth Union, titled “Future of the Youth,” held yesterday (12) at Thaprobane Entertainment. Addressing the audience, President Wickremesinghe stressed the imperative of transitioning swiftly to an export-oriented economy as a key aspect of economic development.


    Is there a plan to ease the importation of private vehicles this year?


    We aim to initiate this process gradually from the following year. While acknowledging the challenges in the automobile market, our current balance of payments situation is not favorable. Although most imports are permitted, restrictions remain on vehicle imports. However, starting next year, we intend to gradually allow essential vehicle imports. This year, we’ve permitted the importation of buses for tourist transportation as a step toward this goal.

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