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    Dr. Bellana Gets Fed Up – Asks for Forgiveness – Ready to Retire

    Colombo National Hospital Deputy Director Dr. Rukshan Bellana says that there is no point in being in the public service and he is ready to retire at any time.

    Apologizing that “I did not say that the service is insignificant even though the employee is insignificant”, he said in a press conference today that the word is something in the company code and not something he made up.

    Calling a press conference this morning (20), Dr. Rukshan Bellana further said:

    “Today, the Ministry of Health and the high-ranking officials in the health sector are what we called ‘Easy Administration’. This is administered by word of mouth. If two or three hundred people get together and protest to dismiss someone, they will dismiss him. coming But even though the remaining 10,700 out of 11,000 are a little quiet, the voice of those 300 is still strong. So decisions are made from that situation. But I will say one thing, I am ready to retire. Now I am 55 years old. There is no point in being in this public service. Because the country is anarchy. The civil administration of the country has gone to hell. There are people in the Ministry of Health who think that giving Dr. Bellana a little tranfer will be the end. That because of Easy Administration and not because of any anger towards me. I did not mean that the service is minor but the employee. Employee is insignificant. That is the word in the book of Corporate Code. Accordingly, the word in the Coperate Code made by ‘Sudda’ (British) in the past. I have nothing to do with that. I am not the one who has divided it.”

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