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    On Shammi’s Proposal, Jay Shah was Reappointed as the Chairman of the Asian Cricket Council

    Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) secretary Jay Shah has been reappointed as the president of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

    Shah’s extension was proposed for the second time by Sri Lanka Cricket president Shammi Silva at the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Annual General Meeting in Bali.

    Shammi’s nomination was unanimously approved by all its members. This is the third time that Shah has been elected to this position.

    It was reported earlier that Mr. Jay Shah is preparing to resign from the position of the President of the Asian Cricket Council and the position of the Indian Cricket Secretary in order to compete for the chairman position of the International Cricket Council.

    He was first elected to the post in 2021.

    Foreign reports said that he was appointed three times because of the successful performance of the operations of the organization, where the Asia Cup was the center of attraction.

    Today in Bali, several topics were discussed at the negotiating table for this appointment.

    During Shah’s first two tenures as ACC president, the ACC handled critical issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Despite this, the Asia Cup and the U19 Asia Cup have been successfully organized.

    The 2023 Asia Cup held in Pakistan and Sri Lanka was a crucial issue and Shah managed to successfully organize the tournament.

    Former sports minister Mr. Roshan Ranasinghe accused Sri Lanka Cricket President Shammi Silva and the board of officials in the parliament, citing a report that “this corrupt gang is covered under Mr. Jay Shah’s umbrella” revealing the corruption scams of the Sri Lanka Cricket Association. That was last November 8.

    The International Cricket Council imposed a cricket ban on Sri Lanka on November 10, after the minister took steps to remove Shammi Silva and other officials. It is based on the accusation that there is unnecessary political interference in cricket in this country.

    With the cricket ban in Sri Lanka, the President took steps to immediately remove Mr. Roshan Ranasinghe’s ministerial post.

    However, “Who is Jay Shah, who controls Sri Lankan cricket?” Jay Shah was a hotly debated character in Sri Lanka at that time.

    However, later Harin Perera became the minister and the ban on cricket in this country was lifted by the International Cricket Council 3 days ago.

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