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    Tear Gas Attack on SJB Protest – Mujibur Rahman is Hospitalized

    During the protest march held by Samagi Jana Balawega this afternoon (30), former Member of Parliament Mr. Mujibur Rahman suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized.

    Several officers of the Police Ministerial Security Division (MSD) and the people who came to the demonstration assisted in taking Mr. Mujibur Rahman, who is said to have suffered breathing difficulties due to water cannons and tear gas fired by the police to disperse the protest.

    Hospital sources say that the condition of the former MP is not serious.

    With the participation of opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa and other political party leaders and political supporters, the Samagi Jana Balawega held a protest march against the government’s actions despite the court’s injunction that protests should not be held to disrupt the daily activities of the people.

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