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    An A/L Applicant Wrote Answers Looking at a Mobile Phone With the Help of an External Party

    The Mutur police have arrested a student who appeared for the GCE A/L exam and a person who assisted him in the second question paper related to the subject of information and communication technology held yesterday morning using a mobile phone fraudulently.

    Ashab Ahmed (23), a resident of Latif Road, Mutur, who appeared for the examination as a private applicant, and M Sabran (25), a resident of Arab College Road, Mutur, were arrested.

    The police say that after receiving the question paper in the hands of the applicant, he forwarded it to his friend using the hidden mobile phone and fetched the answers to the mobile phone, and after waiting for the answers, he wrote the answers to the question paper.

    According to a complaint filed by the Trincomalee Deputy Director of Education in this regard, the police said that the student and the friend who replied to him were arrested along with the two mobile phones.

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