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    New Rules for Government Employees – New Circular is Here

    A new circular has been issued for government employees.

    According to this circular, government employees working in offices are required to remain in the offices from 8.30 am to 4.15 pm and perform their duties.

    According to the circular, government offices should be kept open for cash transactions till 3.00 pm.

    It is also mentioned that they should act politely so that there are no problems to the people when providing services.

    In addition to this, all government officials who are provided with uniforms must wear their office ID during duty and come dressed in their uniforms.

    On Monday, which is set aside as a public day, it is imperative that officials at all levels, from the lowest level officer to the secretary of the ministry, remain in the office in every government institution.

    The Head of the Institution shall ensure that no leave is sanctioned for reasons other than illness or unavoidable circumstances on that day.

    It has also been stated that no other meetings, workshops and events should be organized on this day and one should not leave the office to participate in them.

    It is further stated in this circular that when coming to work, government officials should come dressed in appropriate modest clothing to preserve the dignity of the public service.

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