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    A banquet by the Chinese President for the diplomatic guests who came to the Asian Games

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan are hosting a special banquet to welcome international dignitaries who have arrived in China to attend the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games.

    It was held today (23) afternoon in Hangzhou city.
    The Chinese President asked to promote peace, cooperation and inclusiveness through sports.

    As members of a community with a common future, Asian countries must respect mutual benefits as good neighbours and reject the Cold War mentality and camp-based conflicts. He also emphasized that Asia should be an anchor of world peace.

    As the entire human race faces unprecedented global challenges, Asian people must seize historic opportunities and work together to meet these challenges. This will allow Asia to embark on a broad path of common development, openness and integration, Mr. Xi Jinping said.

    The Asian Games Festival, which consists of many unique sports events in Asia, is an optimal platform where sports and cultures enrich each other. The President also pointed out that through this inclusivity, the way in which Asian cultures are mutually nourished and perfected with vitality is clearly evident.

    The Chinese President also emphasized the importance of giving new luster to Asian civilizations by promoting inclusivity through sports, raising confidence in Asian civilizations, and strengthening communication and mutual studies.

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