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    A generator in the Norochcholai power plant breaks down

    The third generator of Norochcholai power plant has broken down.

    The Minister of Power and Energy Mr. Kanchana Wijesekera mentioned that the generator in question was planned to be repaired in the month of April.

    Also, even if one of the generators in the Norochcholai power plant breaks down, the minister says that there will be no power cuts.

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    1. Why cant they get their act together and get it repaired straight off instead of waiting until next month where there are so many holidays and this will be defeinetly postponed over and over again untill the next one breaks down. This is how the govt workers do their job unlike the private sector, if something as important as this has to be done it will be done straight off. Thats the difference. All govt. Employees are a real disaster indeed shame on you all.

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