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    Russia uses missiles that are 05 times the speed of sound

    Russia has used hypersonic missiles called the Kinzhal missiles to destroy targets in Ukraine.

    Russia’s security forces say they were able to destroy a Ukrainian military arsenal using these missiles which can be launched from the air.

    Russia says these missiles were first used by Russian security forces during the February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

    Russia has introduced a hypersonic missile in 2018 and the Russian president is very proud of it, according to foreign media reports.

    Foreign defense analysts point out that the missiles can be fired from an aircraft, often using MiG-31 fighter jets.

    Russia says the missile can travel at five times the speed of sound. Russia says the missile has the capability to change trajectory in mid-air, and because of its speed, it has the capability to evade anti-missile weapons and destroy the target.

    Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine has stated that immediate peace talks should be held with Russia. However, a few days ago, the President of Ukraine announced that he is on the path to victory.

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