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    Elephants to extinct during next 20-30 years in SL?

    The human-elephant conflict has not yet come to an end. The root cause of this situation is human encroachment on the habitat of the four-legged animals and the transformation of Elephant Passes into a settlement.

    Man invades the homeland of animals not for pleasure, but to dig a field for a living. Human-elephant conflict occurs when an elephant breaks into a field and destroys farms. There, when elephants come to the farms from the jungle and are shot or poisoned or killed, they attack and kill people as if they were doing it for revenge.

    Similarly, the number of elephant deaths due to human activities so far this year is 185. Also, 72 people have been killed in elephant attacks.

    Humans as well as elephants are an asset to our country. There is no unresolved animosity between humans and elephants. If so, the elephants would be left to die in cultivation wells without being saved when they fall. The elephant is taken out from the cultivation well and chased away into the forest because our farmers are not so cruel-hearted. They are even trying with the wildlife officials to save the lives of the savages who have been injured or killed by a frying gun or traps because the farmers in our country have no any kind of hatred towards the wild animals.

    According to wildlife sources, 113 lives will be lost in our country due to the human-elephant conflict in 2020. Also, 327 elephants have lost their lives. In 2019, 122 human lives were lost to elephants and 407 elephant lives were lost to humans.

    According to the Department of Wildlife, the human-elephant conflict has claimed nearly 1,000 human lives in the 11 years between 2010 and 2020. The number of elephant deaths is 2958.

    This is not a trivial number. That is because according to a survey conducted in our country in 2011 the population of elephants in the country with tuskers is mentioned as 5871. While these figures may vary, if such a large number of deaths occur in 10 to 11 years, the authorities should develop a formal program to control them. If not, the elephant population in our country will soon suffer.

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