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    The Bar Association has split!

    It is reported that the Sri Lanka Bar Association has split into two, unable to make a decision on who to support in the appointment of the Attorney General.

    This is due to one group supporting Acting Attorney General Parinda Ranasinghe and another group supporting Additional Solicitor General Ayesha Jinasena.

    It is said that a strong controversy has arisen in the Bar Association due to the former President of the Bar Association President Advocate Saliya Peiris’s group saying that they should support Ayesha Jinasena and the other group saying that they should support Parinda Ranasinghe.

    It is also stated that a group of the Bar Association has informed President Ranil Wickremesinghe in writing about this matter.

    Lawyers say that the Sri Lanka Bar Association may be divided into three parts in the future due to the long-term nature of this conflict.

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