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    Management services officers are going on a two-day strike

    Association of Management Service Officers Association says that a strike will be held on July 8th and 9th to demand solutions to several unresolved problems of management service officers.

    The demands include the recommended MN 3 salary for the management service, the restoration of the deprived executive status of the administrative officers, the immediate provision of the special performance-based promotion examination system approved by the cabinet, and the provision of a Rs. 25000/= stipend for economic justice.

    10 trade unions representing the management service are going to implement this strike jointly.

    The letter of notification of the strike has been handed over to Mrs. Pulleperuma, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Finance by many trade union leaders of the Management Service Officers Association today.

    Similarly, the same requests were given to Mr. Kapila Gunasinghe, Director of Special Projects of the Presidential Secretariat.

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