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    Strikes are in vain – Cannot increase the salaries

    The Ministry of Education has informed the University Grants Commission that they cannot take a decision regarding an increase in the salaries and allowances of the university’s non-academic staff this year.

    Secretary of the Ministry Mrs. J.M. Thilaka Jayasundara has mentioned this in a letter to the Chairman of the University Grants Commission, Senior Professor Sampath Amaratunga.

    It has also been stated that President Ranil Wickramasinghe will take into account the recommendations of the expert committee appointed to settle the salary disparities in the entire public service and take decisions to increase salaries and allowances in the future.

    The Secretary has also informed the Ministry of Education that if there are any requests regarding university staff salary disparities, they should be forwarded to this expert committee.

    Meanwhile, the Co-Chairman of the University Joint Trade Union Committee Mr. Dhammika S. Priyantha says that this decision of the government will not be accepted and the non-academic staff strike will continue.

    He further stated that the union’s demands were not fulfilled by the appointed committees, and if there is no increase in wages and allowances this year, the strike will have to be carried out throughout the year.

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