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    Consumption of Eggs has increased a lot

    According to the Department of Animal Production and Health, the daily consumption of eggs in the country has increased by about one million.

    Previously, the daily consumption of chicken eggs in this country was 07 million eggs.

    The department points out that in the last few months, the amount has exceeded 08 million eggs.

    The department says that the increase in the number of foreign tourists coming to this country in the tourism industry, the increase in the prices of meat and fish due to various reasons in the past, as well as the awareness of the people that eggs are the most nutritious food available at a low price are the reasons for the increase in the consumption of eggs.

    The officials of the Animal Production and Health Department have emphasized these points in a discussion held with the Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera.

    However, no proper information survey has been done for a long time about the conditions of consumption of eggs, milk and meat.

    Therefore, the Minister has instructed the Livestock Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries to conduct a consumer survey in this regard.

    About 15 million chicken eggs are exported monthly.

    In this discussion, the minister has advised not to reduce that amount at all and not to take steps to lose our country’s position in the foreign market by exporting eggs.

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