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    This is how to reserve train tickets from today

    The railway department says that train seat reservations can be made completely online from today (14).

    Accordingly, the department mentioned that the reservation of train seats can be done online from 7 pm tonight.

    Until now only 40% percentage of seat allotment was provided through the online system and from today all of them will be available to book through the online system.

    The railway department mentioned that even though the passengers have to come to the railway station and get a ticket after allotting the seats through the online system, from today, it is enough to have a photograph of the seat allotment slip.

    Apart from this, the railway department has provided the opportunity to reserve the free warrant given for government employees through the onlne system.

    It has not been decided to make any charge for that and the Railway Department stated that the rumors that such money will be charged are false.

    Meanwhile, the railway department says that with the aim of promoting the tourism industry, a new train called “Dunhinda Odyssey” will be introduced in the near future.

    From 05th of April, the train from Colombo Fort to Badulla is going to be added to the running.

    Earlier, the railway department has introduced two trains named “Ella Odyssey” and “Seethawaka Odyssey” with the aim of improving the tourism sector.

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