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    El Nino is Gradually Decreasing

    Meteorologists say that the El Nino weather condition that has affected the island continues but is gradually decreasing.

    However, they point out that its influence continues.

    Meteorologists have also predicted that the weather condition will change from El-Niño to ENSO-neutral by next April-June.

    In ENSO-neutral weather conditions, trade winds blow from east to west over the surface of the tropical Pacific, bringing warm, moist air and warm surface water into the western Pacific, keeping the central Pacific relatively cool.

    During the El Nino process, there is a simultaneous increase in temperature around the Pacific Ocean. El Niño is caused by the creation of a low pressure center on the ocean surface due to the high temperature of the ocean.

    Everything in the world flows from more to less. Therefore, the center with lower pressure has to bring water vapor from higher pressure centers. Through it the low pressure grows back to high pressure. In many cases, due to the influence of this El Nino process, the water vapor in the surrounding lands is drawn to low pressure.

    Under the El Nino effect, these things could happen.

    • Occurrence of changes in wind pattern
    • Increased evaporation of land
    • A drought in one part of the world and heavy rainfall in another
    • Increased wave speed and accelerated beach erosion due to water expansion
    • Threats to glacier regions
    • Occurrence of forest fires in surrounding lands

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