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    Japan’s Building Cleaning Sector Offers Job Opportunities for Sri Lankan Workers

    In response to a request from the Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara, job opportunities in Japan’s building cleaning sector will be opened for Sri Lankan workers. The selection tests for these positions are scheduled to commence in June this year.
    This was revealed during a discussion held yesterday (28) between the Minister and the Japanese Building Cleaners Association at the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment.
    Minister Nanayakkara conveyed his appreciation to the Japanese government and the Minister of Justice overseeing immigration, acknowledging their positive response in opening job opportunities for Sri Lankan workers.
    Individuals with N4 Japanese language proficiency will be eligible to apply for the SSW visa category. Accordingly, the eligibility verification test will consist of a written and a practical test.
    Speaking at the discussion, the Japanese representatives pointed out that applying for the SWW level 2 will create an opportunity to apply for managerial positions and will also provide the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in Japan.
    Upon inquiring about the training for the relevant exam from the Japanese side, they mentioned that textbooks and promotional videos will be available to prepare for the tests.
    Sachio Sugiyama, the special representative of the Japan Building Cleaners Association, was among the Japanese representatives present for this discussion.

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