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    Government Officials Engage with Myanmar Authorities to Rescue Sri Lankan Victims of Human Trafficking in Myanmar

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that every effort is being made in coordination with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Myanmar to rescue and repatriate Sri Lankans who are victims of human trafficking trapped in Myanmar.

    The Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UL Mohammed Jauhar, met the Myanmar Ambassador in Colombo on the 22nd and reiterated the urgent need to assist in the safe rescue and repatriation of these Sri Lankans.

    These Sri Lankans are detained in several places in the Mayawaddy area of Myanmar under the guise of providing legitimate jobs in the IT sector and are forced to commit various online frauds.

    Foreign Minister Mr. Ali Sabri took this issue to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar, asking for immediate intervention to save the Sri Lankans.

    The Sri Lankan Embassy in Myanmar has constantly brought to the attention of the Myanmar authorities the serious situation of the Sri Lankan victims enslaved by the cyber criminal activities of these traffickers.

    The Ministry also says that it requests the authorities to take immediate steps to save the victims from these miserable conditions.

    It has been informed that due to the current situation, the Myanmar government is currently making strenuous efforts to access the area.

    The ministry is looking into the possibility of dealing with foreigners from other affected countries.

    Meanwhile, it has been revealed that some people are trying to collect money from the families of the victims by promising to support the process of rescuing and repatriating the trafficked.

    The ministry requests the families of the affected people to be very careful when dealing with these people.

    The Ministry of External Affairs was in constant contact with the relevant authorities.

    The Ministry assures that all possible avenues are being pursued to rescue and safely repatriate Sri Lankan victims of human trafficking there, in constant contact with Myanmar government authorities.

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