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    “Don’t let gesture politics fool you” – Minister Manusha urges women voters during an event at Kegalle

    Labor and Foreign Employment Minister Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara today said that some politicians believe, women in this country can be easily deceived by posing for pictures with them and having a laugh and chat with them.

    The Minister stressed that women should not be deceived by such gesture political tactics. He also said women in this country are very intelligent and they should use such intelligence to help develop the country.

    The Minister was speaking at the “Jayagamu Sri Lanka” People’s Mobile Service programme at Independence Avenue in Kegalle.
    The Jayagamu Sri Lanka programme aims to bring various Government services to the people in their own areas of residence. The programme will be held today (23rd) and tomorrow (24th) at the Independence Avenue in Kegalle.

    The Minister addressing the gathering went on to say;
    “Jayagamu Sri Lanka is coming to Kegalle today to serve the people without any party or colour differences. Our aim is to win this economic war and this effort aims to serve the people and empower them to realize this goal.

    In these 18 months, over 8 billion dollars were sent to the country by our migrant worker heroes. They made a great contribution to strengthen the economy of this country. Our migrant workers and their families should be hailed and appreciated for their contribution.
    No matter what kind of party-colour alliances are formed everywhere today, there are clearly only two camps in this country. One camp consists of people that works with real practical commitment to get the country out of the abyss that it has fallen into, and the other camp consists of people who shouts that they will rescue this country from the crisis but their real intention is to drag the country further into the abyss as they have become stooges of some foreign agents trying to stop this country from raising its head again.

    Now there is team who are on a poster, cutouts campaign throughout the country. There are a group of people who are trying to scuttle the efforts of the President to save the country. They are holding public meetings like carnivals all over the country. There is no way the people will forget what these people said in the past. That group said about ten years ago that the then President was pasting posters and cutouts for the election throughout the country by taking money from China. So today I would like to ask where and from whom these people have taken so much money.

    We are asking this publicly. And the people of this country should ask this. The people of this country should know this. People should know where these people are getting so much money.

    I am a man who knows both Karijja and Mirijja very well. Karijja means ocean water and Mirijja is fresh water. I will tell you one thing very clearly. The same wave that comes to the shore washes the shore and goes back to the sea. That is why the people of this country should understand this even now. Don’t get caught up in these so-called new waves which come from time to time. All these waves washes the shore and goes back to the sea. At no time will any of these waves be good for this country, the people of this country, or the economy of this country.

    A house is a heap of memories for us. A house is a storm of emotions for us. A house is a culture for us. What do we do when such a house catches fire? Will you leave the house and run away? Or do we do whatever we can to save that house from fire? Surely we will save our house. But when this house called our country caught fire, who left it and ran? The people of this country should remember well who came forward fearlessly to save that house. We and our president did not run away like that. We are doing everything we can to save this house. We do that duty with utmost commitment. That is our only hope. Neither we nor the President have any other hidden agenda. We don’t have any agenda that we are afraid to tell the people. We do not have any agenda to hide from the people by suppressing social media.

    We are doing this to prevent the entire country from being set on fire and move the country forward peacefully.

    At this time I remember an old Sinhala song of ours. That is the song that says if we can stand united we can develop the country, if we divide, the country will be destroyed. Every time we were divided as Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim, our country fell into an abyss. We were divided along religious and ethnic lines. Every time this happened we fell. If we can avoid such differences, even caste differences and stand united, Jayagamu Sri Lanka will not be a dream. We don’t need degrees to understand this.

    In the past Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe asked the youth of this country if they wanted gold bracelets. Then everyone laughed at that story. But that is his political thinking. Today I will tell you what he really meant by this story. Then you will understand why we did not understand that story. A bracelet is an excess wealth for us. Someone who doesn’t have some extra money or savings will never be able to find the money for something like that. Therefore, we are doing this today to create an era of surplus money.

    That is why we are creating a smart youth culture. That is why vocational training is provided. We are also working to create smart classrooms for that purpose.

    Ranilism is the ideology required for that operation. Without Ranilism, we cannot build the surplus wealth that this country and the future generations of this country need. If we want to be a nation that stands up, we must work together without division. Ranilism is the only option we have. The only hope we have.

    Some people think that our women can be fooled easily. They think they can build this country by smiling and taking photos with them. But they are not intelligent enough to realize that they cannot fool women by taking photographs with them or to solve the country’s problems. Actually, this issue can be won only by implementing the programme which is in operation today to rebuild the country.
    Today, the basic problems of women are being solved. One of the main problems women had was their husbands using drugs. But today, cannabis, heroin and ice drugs are being seized everyday through the Yukthiya operation. The police are doing yeomen service in this regards. Therefore, a peaceful environment has been created in the houses today.

    Otherwise, the problems in their homes will not be solved because thousands of women were brought for meeting and took photograps with them.

    And as of today, the rupee is getting stronger. Also, I would like to say that the increased electricity bill will be reduced and the tariff will come back again to what it was before the month of October last year.

    The change should start from our own home, within our own hearts. Therefore, we are saying at this time that all the workers in the country, like the expatriate workers, should be prepared to change to suit the modern world of work and join the system being implemented for that by Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe.

    Also, I promise the people of Kegalle today that we will establish an office of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment in your area at the earliest”.

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