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    A Change in the Government’s Decision About the General Election

    The Presidential Media Division (PMD) has issued a special announcement regarding the upcoming presidential and general elections.

    It’s that the presidential election is planned to be held within the specified period.

    However, according to the announcement, the general election is scheduled to be held next year according to the current schedule and it is planned to allocate money for it from the 2025 budget.

    The announcement also states that the Election Commission is responsible for conducting the elections and the government will work with the Election Commission in necessary cases.

    However, President Ranil Wickremesinghe recently stated in an interview with an Indian media during his official visit to Australia that the presidential and general elections are expected to be held this year.

    Also, it was widely discussed in the political arena that the general election will be held this year.

    It had been decided in the last cabinet meeting that money would be allocated from the upcoming budget to hold provincial council and local government elections.

    Thus, the government will have to allocate money from the 2025 budget for all the 3 elections namely General Election, Provincial Council and Local Government Election.

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