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    Electricity Tariff Change to Happen Before March

    The Public Utilities Commission says that the electricity tariff will be revised before next March.

    Its chairman, Mr. Manjula Fernando, mentioned that the related oral comments will be taken tomorrow at the Bandaranaike Memorial Conference Hall premises.

    The registration period for that ended yesterday. The chairman stated that after the public consultation, the commission will meet and take immediate steps to reduce the fees.

    He said that it is expected that those objectives can be completed before the beginning of March.

    Recently, the Public Utilities Commission had requested the Ceylon Electricity Board to submit a proposal for revision of electricity tariffs taking into consideration the profit earned by the Ceylon Electricity Board in the year 2023 and the good hydropower capacity at the end of the year 2023.

    On January 16, the Electricity Board forwards a proposal to reduce electricity tariffs by 3.34% to the Public Utilities Commission accordingly.

    The Public Utility Commission, which conducted a formal observation regarding the matters included in the proposal, had submitted a related document on January 23.

    It states that without the approval of the Commission, a purchase of 100 megawatts of electricity for the year 2024 has been included in the proposal, and CEB has proposed to obtain electricity from power plants that do not have generation licenses.

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