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    Online Safety Act is Published (Read More)

    The recently passed Act on Security of Online Systems has been gazetted.

    Thus, people should be aware of these new rules when using the Internet and social networks.

    Legislation has been enacted in this Act to establish the Commission on Safety of Online Methods, to protect against prohibited statements made online, and to prevent the use of online accounts and fake online accounts for prohibited purposes.

    This Act has also been prepared too make provision for the identification and publication of online sites used for prohibited purposes in Sri Lanka, and for the suppression of financing and other assistance for the communication of prohibited statements and for matters connected therewith or otherwise.

    An offense under this Act committed by a person outside Sri Lanka, not only within this country, is subject to this Act when it is committed against a citizen of Sri Lanka.

    This Act applies where, by the commission of an offense, loss, damage or distress is caused to the Government or to a person resident in Sri Lanka within or outside Sri Lanka.

    This Act shall come into force when an offense under this Act is committed by a person who is a citizen of Sri Lanka, irrespective of the place where it is committed.

    Given below is the act.

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