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    No More Amnesty for Drug Traffickers

    Commissioner of Prisons General Thushara Upuldeniya says that it has been decided not to grant amnesty to drug traffickers who have been arrested and convicted and are serving prison terms.

    He points out that this step was taken because drug trafficking has become a social disaster.

    However, he said that the arrested drug addicts will continue to be referred for rehabilitation.

    He said this at a press conference held yesterday by the National Board of Control of Dangerous Drugs.

    Convicted prisoners in jail have opportunities to be released from prison on various occasions such as amnesty on National Independence Day, Vesak, etc.

    This is done by taking into consideration a number of criteria such as their behavior during the time they are in prison.

    However, the list of eligible prisoners is prepared by the Prisons Department.

    Meanwhile, steps have been taken to establish 300 new centers for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

    The National Dangerous Drugs Control Board also said that anyone can get the necessary advice to avoid drug addiction by making a free call on 1927 phone number.

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