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    A Court Order for the Protestors Who Are Blocking the Road to the Parliament

    The court prohibits protests by blocking the Parliament road from the Polduwa Roundabout to the Parliament.

    The police have received information that today a group of protesters are protesting by blocking the roads leading to the Parliament and the main entrance of the Parliament.

    Accordingly, the police has requested the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court to suspend such protests.

    The court has ordered them not to cross any road or do any violence to the people and pedestrians using the road.

    The court order states that campaigning in a manner that violates the parliamentary privileges of public representatives and interferes with the duties of government officials is prohibited.

    The police emphasize that all respondents and agitators should ensure that no person is obstructed.

    If not, the police have emphasized that they will take action according to the court order to disperse the protest.

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