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    The Batticaloa-Colombo Road is Completely Closed from Gallalla

    Due to the inundation of the road with the ongoing heavy rains, the Gallalla-Manampitiya section of the Batticaloa-Colombo main road, which was suspended for light vehicles until now, has been suspended for all vehicular traffic from 1 pm today.

    The Polonnaruwa District Disaster Management Unit announced that the irrigation departments have been informed that the sluice gates of Polonnaruwa Parakrama Lake will have to be opened at around two in the afternoon.

    With that, the Polonnaruwa District Secretary has instructed the Polonnaruwa District Assistant Director of Disaster Management to stop vehicular traffic completely as the water level of the Mahaweli River is rising.

    A special train service has been implemented between Kadurwela and Manampitiya for all passengers who have transportation difficulties.

    Bakamoona, Elahera Road can be used as an alternative route for those vehicles.

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