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    A Report has been Called on St. Anthony Girls’ College’s Dangerous Building

    It has been decided to call for a report from the National Building Research Organization regarding the Katugastota St. Anthony Girls’ College building, which is at risk due to cracks in several classrooms.

    In that building where about 600 girls are studying, sudden cracks have been seen in several classrooms.

    Due to this, the school administration has given school holidays for the girls of 08, 09 and 11 grades studying there.

    The building, which consists of about 11 classrooms, has now been closed.

    The officials of the Kandy District Disaster Management Center have observed the place in the field.

    According to Indika Ranaweera, the Kandy District Assistant Director of the National Disaster Management Center, a report on the risky building is to be obtained by the National Building Research Organization.

    A panel of officers of the National Building Research Organization inspected the building today and the report will be received soon, said Mr. Menaka Herath, Secretary of Central Provincial Education.

    The Secretary of the Ministry of Education further said that the girls who miss classes due to the dangerous situation will be given the opportunity to study at Rishikala Aesthetics College and Mawilmada College.

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