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    Will CD’s service end next week?

    The fate of IGP CD Wickramaratne’s service extension hangs in the balance as the second extension granted to him is set to end next week. The decision lies with President Ranil Wickramasinghe.

    In the order of seniority, Mr. Nilanantha Jayawardena, Chief of Police Administration Division, Lalith Patinayake, Chief of Police in charge of Central Province, and Chief of Police in charge of Western Province, Mr. Deshbandu Tennakone, are potential candidates to hold the post of Inspector General of Police if CD’s term is not extended.

    Rumors circulated recently suggesting that the National Police Commission had requested the President not to extend CD Wickramaratne’s service. However, officials from the National Police Commission clarified that they do not have the legal authority to influence the appointment of the Inspector General of Police. Their jurisdiction covers other officers and administrative matters within the police department, excluding the IGP.

    As of now, there has been no official announcement from the President’s Office regarding the appointment or extension of the Inspector General of Police. Sources close to the President indicated that the final decision regarding the IGP will be made and announced next week.

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