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    An order to seek the help of private spies to find those who shot at MP Uddika

    The Anuradhapura Chief Magistrate’s Court has ordered the police to immediately arrest all the suspects involved in the shooting at MP Uddika Premaratne’s car at Anuradhapura residence and to seek the assistance of police intelligence units and private spies to identify them.

    Statements have been recorded from several parties regarding the incident, but the suspects have not been identified yet.

    The magistrate has also ordered the Anuradhapura Police to arrest the suspects and present them to the court.

    It has also been informed to submit a report showing the progress of the investigation regarding the incident to the court.

    The shooting took place near the house of Anuradhapura District Member of Parliament Mr. Uddika Premaratne on the night of the 17th.

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