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    A shooting in Habaraduwa

    A man who was travelling with his wife in a three-wheeler after dropping his two children off to school was shot dead by two motorcycle riders in the Habaraduwa Heenatigala area this morning (24).

    It has been suspected that this murder was a revenge for a double murder that happened in Unawatuna in 2013 and a murder that happened in Habaraduwa in 2021.

    The Habaraduwa Police, who are investigating the shooting, say that this man is connected to all three murders.

    Lakshitha Ruwan Kumara (37), a father of three, a resident of Thalpe, has been murdered. A shot fired at this man hit his wife in the neck. Police say that she is being treated at Karapitiya Hospital.

    This person, who has served in the army for some time, has also been the driver of a former minister who served as a minister in the Eastern Province.

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