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    King Charles III is crowned in the historic coronation of Great Britain

    A few moments ago, Charles III was crowned as the King of Great Britain in the historic coronation in 70 years.

    Watched by 100 million people worldwide, this historic coronation took place in London’s Westminster Abbey.

    The coronation of King Charles III will be the first coronation of a British king since 1937.

    Following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II last September, the traditional confirmation of his kingship according to the religion takes place here.

    King Charles and wife Camilla Windsor Gray left for the Abbey in a royal carriage drawn by six horses, escorted by members of the Cavalry.

    Only 2,000 people attend this coronation. Camilla will be crowned separately in a similar but simpler ceremony. More than 8,000 guests gathered at Westminster Abbey for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

    King Charles III will become the oldest British king to wear the 360-year-old crown of St. Edward, enthroned in the Abbey in the 14th century.

    Charles’ grandson, Prince George, and Camilla’s grandchildren will play official roles at the grand event.

    British Prime Minister Hindu Rishi Sunak will make history by reading the Bible as UK Head of State. He described the coronation as a ‘proud expression of the history, culture and traditions of the United Kingdom’.

    The event will be on a smaller scale than the one held for Queen Elizabeth in 1953, but will still have all the elements of a spectacular and glittering event.

    Prince Harry and Prince Andrew both attended the coronation of King Charles III. But they will not get any formal role. They will be outside, and the pair will also miss the royal procession that takes the newly crowned king from the Abbey back to Buckingham Palace after the ceremony.

    After returning to Buckingham Palace, the couple and other British royals will make a traditional appearance on the balcony.

    Some of the special moments of the coronation are shown in the following photos.

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