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    The imported eggs are still at the port

    The Sri Lanka State Trading Corporation says that the 2 million eggs imported from India have not been released from the port till today (27) afternoon.

    Its chairman Mr. Asiri Walisundara said that the eggs are still in the testing stage.

    He said that the stock of eggs arrived at the port of Colombo on the 23rd and the Animal Production and Health Department took the egg samples for testing about two days ago.

    These eggs were imported from India in order to control the price of eggs in this country.

    The Ministry of Trade stated that it is planned to provide these imported eggs for products related to the bakery industry.

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    1. This is all crap it is a mafia operating to stall the process of getting these eggs to the market so that the underworld gangsters could keep the local eggs at high prices. I say the govt should sack all these lazy officials involved and teach them all a lesson.

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