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    SriLankan Engineering Reinforces Support for MRO Customers with New Website

    The SriLankan Airlines’ Engineering Division, with the help of the airline’s Information Technology arm, has launched a new website ( to spotlight SriLankan Engineering’s third-party Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capabilities. The website will be the modern digital interface of SriLankan Engineering’s aircraft maintenance services with simplified access to service-related information and ground slot reservations for customers, both current and prospective. The newly launched website is expected to take SriLankan Engineering to new frontiers as they progressively forge a reputation for being a highly credible provider of aircraft maintenance work in the region and beyond.

    The SriLankan Engineering website was designed using the industry’s latest web development technology architecture for a more interactive user experience with advanced features. The new website provides information required for decision making such as the spectrum of services on offer and SriLankan Engineering’s technical capabilities, accreditations and maintenance approvals from various National aviation authorities. New customers can further easily reach out to the SriLankan Engineering team for additional information via the website.

    SriLankan Engineering has been expanding its clientele steadily, adding five new customer contracts to the portfolio just last year with little promotion other than word of mouth. Customer airlines originating from South Asia, the Middle East and as far as East Africa have placed their trust in SriLankan Engineering to carry out heavy maintenance work on their aircraft. SriLankan Engineering now plans to grow its global footprint and the website will play a central role in their commercial strategy to reach unchartered markets. Third-party maintenance carried out for foreign airlines brings in foreign currency to the airline, and a growth in MRO business will be an equally positive turn for the country.

    SriLankan Engineering Reinforces Support for MRO Customers with New Website

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