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    A medical camp for children in Digana from Srilankan Cares

    SriLankan Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of SriLankan Airlines, partnered with Liquid Island and the National Livestock Development Board to offer a healing hand to the children at Mahaberiyatenna Tamil school in Digana with a medical and vision care camp recently. SriLankan Cares has organized medical camps across the island over the past year, reaching out to the most vulnerable sections of society with medicine supplies running short in the wake of the economic crisis.

    The Mahaberiyatenna Tamil school offers education to around 350 students, most of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Difficult living conditions have not, however, deterred these children from excelling in studies and sports, with many passing their exams with flying colours and displaying athletic ability.

    With the help of a team of skilled medical practitioners and nurses, SriLankan Cares provided free health checks, vision tests, treatments and medication to the students as well as their teachers. SriLankan Cares recognizes that social responsibility has many facets and has identified health as a priority. Since its inception, SriLankan Cares has worked extensively to further the national carrier’s goal of uplifting the quality of life for needy children in Sri Lanka through community projects aimed at providing access to better healthcare and education. For more information on SriLankan Cares visit

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