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    Training given for women going abroad as domestic housekeepers is extended

    For the first time, the Foreign Employment Bureau has taken steps to extend the duration of the training course given to women going abroad as domestic housekeeping assistants.

    The bureau noted that the 15-day training course had been extended to 28 days with NVQ level 3 starting February 1 this year.

    Accordingly, 25 days of theoretical and practical training will be provided, and 3 days will be reserved for national professional qualification evaluation activities.

    In addition to this, from April 1, 2023, women who go abroad as housekeeping assistants must apply for bureau registration for foreign employment with an NVQ 3 certificate with a high value of professional grade, including training.

    The Foreign Employment Bureau also stated that this condition will not apply to women who have undergone Bureau training so far and to women who have completed their training on or before January 31, 2023.

    The decision has been taken by the Foreign Employment Bureau to increase the quality of training courses to send well-trained workers abroad according to international standards.

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