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    Price drop on 06 essential items

    Lanka Sathosa has decided to lower the prices of 6 essential goods.

    Accordingly, from tomorrow (26) customers can get related products from all Lanka Sathosa outlets across the island.

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    1. සවන් කාරියවසම් කාගෙන් සල්ලි අරගෙනයි මේ බොරු වාර්තාව නිකුත් කළේය 2019 අවසන් වන විට.
      All Island outlets 400! end of 2020 employees 5000. All are getting government salaries include you (Sawan Kariyawasam) people’s taxes fund’s only enjoying weather officially working or not why curreptions?
      If you are Sri Lankan! motherland lover free educations in motherland please mention Name of outlets.

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