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    A birth certificate issue costs 02 young lives

    A couple committed suicide by hanging from a beam near the reception counter of a tourist hotel in Tangalle last night.

    A 17-year-old girl and his boyfriend a 22-year-old boy, who has grown up in this hotel since childhood and taken care of the hotel, have committed suicide.

    The Tangalle Police say that last night the young man took a three-wheeler from Ambalanthota to bring the girl and killed himself.

    The police say that the father of this young man is not alive and the mother had given him to the hotel when he was young.

    It is said that this young man does not have a birth certificate, and therefore, he has not even been able to get a national identity card.

    The police say that the couple did not get a chance to get married due to the lack of an identity card. Police say that it has been found from the investigation that this couple, who were frustrated about it, committed suicide based on it.

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